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iView aluminium poster frames


WOW Displays Aluminium Poster frames can be wall mounted, window mounted and can be used as Menu Boards in cafes and restaurants.

They can also be attached to the front of LED light boxes and allow for the light boxes posters to be easily changed just by clicking opened the frame surround, changing the poster and closing the frame. For more information contact

SignUp remote control banner ceiling and wall display


WOW Displays Remote Control Banner System will display Banners or Posters 3000mm wide and can be wall mounted or ceiling hung and is a great addition to any Exhibition Space or Shopping Centre. No more having to drive a scissor lift platforms through the Shopping Centres or Exhibition space once the Initial SignUp installation has been put in place, “Just click the button” to lower and change your poster or banner and click the button to lift it to your desired height.

Extra height can be added by dropping extension chains from extra high ceilings. For more information contact